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Service Offerings:

  • Bottom Paint Removal / Stripping
  • Custom Molded Electronics Enclosures
  • Custom Switch and Electronic Panels
  • Engine Systems Electronics Interfacing
  • Infra-red & night vision
  • Full boat & entertainment system integration
  • Security & Theft Prevention
  • Battery and Inverter Support and Sales
  • Rewire and service existing electrical
  • Windlass Anchor Systems
  • Trailer Electrical and Service




Wiring and Electronics - Electronics Repair - Bottom Paint Removal

Rewiring & Electronics Installation

Whether it’s at your home or dockside, we can service your boat just about anywhere.

We customize each electronics installation, electrical repair and restoration to maximize functionality and longevity while meeting your needs and budget.

We use high quality parts that meet or exceed today’s industry standards. If you own an older boat the most common causes of fire and loss are: overloading and improper circuit protection, aging wire, saltwater contamination.

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Marine Electronics Repair

We repair most brands of marine electronics. We also offer LED conversion for older GPS, MFD displays. FREE ESTIMATES. Download our repair form and you can ship or drop off your item.

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Bottom Paint Removal

We are proud to be apart of the Safe Blasting Family Safe Blasting uses ECO-FRIENDLY solution on media blasting. Our process uses no toxic chemicals
and causes no pollution. And our system produces NO DUST PLUME, it can be used anywhere. Additionally, it take a fraction of a time than of other companies who offer the same service.

We offer Auto Restorers, Marine, Car Enthusiasts, and Body Shops the easiest, safest, and most affordable paint removal solution available today. CALL 3057853355 or visit our website at

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